Granite which it forms ____ the slow crystallization of _____ below Earth’s surface is _ igneous rock with large ______. Granite is composed mainly __ quartz and  feldspar with _____ amounts of some other ________ (mica, amphiboles, etc).   This _______ composition usually gives granite _ red, pink, gray or _____ color with dark mineral ______ visible throughout the rock. _______ is very durable to ______ abrasion&external influences, strong enough __ bear significant weight and ___ a brilliant polish. These _______________ make it a very _________ and useful stone.

Granite has been used __ both interior and exterior ________ to produce impressions of ________, durability and lasting quality. _______, polished granite slabs and _____ are used in countertops, _____, tile floors and stair _____. No other collection of ________ can be compared to ________’_ in terms of its _____, colours and access to ______ materials.

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